custom record books

Record books is where ZSoft began our incredible journey with 4-H.  Our local 4-H Extension staff asked if we could develop an online record book application for them and we completed the software for usage in the 2019 Hardee County Fair.  We are incredibly proud of our record book system (ZingBooks) and honestly feel like we offer the best record book software in the industry.

ZingBooks allows our clients to mimic their paper record books exactly.  Easily track items throughout the project like weight, feed, inventory, and much more.  Our WYSIWYG editor allows club members to upload photos and graphics to make their online record books unique.

Screenshot 2020-09-29 150030.png
Screenshot 2020-09-29 145837.png
completely customizable
Screenshot 2020-09-29 143805.png
Easy photo uploads
Screenshot 2020-09-29 143955.png
colorful graphs

Our goal is to give the 4-H youth an easy interface for tracking their project data and still give them room for personalization.  We are always working to make our products better but feel like ZingBooks is second to none.  Contact us and we'll be happy to show you what our software can do.  We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you see.