zmail email marketing

Something we realized early-on in our software development was that 4-H really could benefit from a system that allowed them to communicate, and promote, their programs to the appropriate audiences.  Yes, there are email marketing tools on the market today, but nothing that easily integrates with a club management platform.

To address this need, we developed ZMail, which is a complete email marketing platform.  4-H staff can now create templates, email campaigns, and custom email lists from the ZSuite platform.  Email lists can be create that focus on specific recipient areas like project types, clubs, counties, volunteers, etc...

In addition, staff can easily monitor the results of their email campaigns on items like opens, links clicked, and much more.  The days of boring text emails are over.

Users can develop eye-catching HTML based emails full of colors, graphics, photos, videos, and links to social media.

full html formatted emails
campaign metrics
Custom contact lists

If you'd like to see more of the ZMail system, let us know and we'll setup a demo for you today!