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Screen capture - account management

Being able to easily find and edit

4-H accounts is essential to productivity.

ZSuite allows our users to easily view and drill down to accounts via Region, County, and Household. 

Easy search features allow you to find the account you need quickly.


screen capture - event management

ZSuite allows our administrative users to easily create and edit events for their 4-H program. We offer a variety of settings for each event so you capture all of the information you need.


Screen capture - reporting

ZSuite software was created to be flexible.  We provide many out-of-the-box reports and a custom report tool for viewing data and easy exporting to excel (or other formats). 

If we don't have a report you need, please let us know and we'll create one for you.


Screen capture - custom settings

Not all state 4-H programs are created equal. In fact, most programs have varying degrees of differences and we have built our system to be flexible.

It's easy to create your own fields in ZSuite so that you can capture and track the data that you need.


Screen capture - Mailjet

The days of boring emails are over! Administrators can easily create attractive, custom, branded email marketing templates for use throughout the state and at the county levels for marketing or event campaigns.

Custom email lists can also be created to focus marketing to select groups as well as your 4-H members and families and much more.

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