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When we started ZSoft and began working with 4-H staff around the country, we placed a primary focus on customer support and relationships.  We feel like any software developer can churn out software but wanted our clients to know they had a personal relationship with each and every employee at our company.  These ideals allow us to have open lines of communication with our clients and we feel all of our software, and lives, are better for it.  Yes, our relationship is based on business but we will always strive to work together in an atmosphere of trust and friendship. I can say that meeting the many men and women working tirelessly for the 4-H banner has been a true blessing for all of us.

I am extremely thankful for the testimonials below, as each of them is honest feedback from people that put great trust in our company and I hope are truly glad for taking the leap.

Brent Stephens

President - Zsoft Technologies, Inc.

Brent Stephens, President - ZSoft Technologies, Inc.
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Brent Clark

Director 4-H Youth Development,
West Virginia University

You and your staff have been great!  You have always been very professional, transparent and easy to communicate with.  You always respond in a timely manner and help with any questions or concerns we may have.  We have worked in several data management systems over the past 8-10 years and there was natural hesitation when we discussed switching to ZSuite.  Your staff answered all questions, were available for trainings and demonstrations and went the extra mile to ensure we were comfortable with the transition.  Upon switching to ZSuite, you worked with us along every step of the process and helped our professionals, volunteers and families.  We have been extremely happy with the level of service and customization to meet our needs.  We look forward to the future and many years of building a data management platform that best meets the needs of everyone involved.  We have no regrets in any aspect of the planning, implementation or continued improvement of our ZSuite efforts.

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Johnathan Despain

Jonathan Despain, University of Wyoming 4-H Program Coordinator

We have been very happy with ZSuite so far.  The personal customer service directly to our 4-H families and county staff has been outstanding as well as the support at our state level.  The Netflix like dashboard for every 4-H family is operationally familiar to everyone and makes using ZSuite easy.  ZSuite is made by people that truly get the family and club leader users being volunteers themselves.

Keeping track of project goals, club and activity involvement was a priority for us and the Record Book component of ZSuite has been great.  The ability to customize and respond to state specific needs and wants has been outstanding.  While not perfect, yet, the capacity and direction ZSuite is making is outstanding and I feel will truly meet all of our integrated needs in the future.

The Event Management component is so customizable and easy to use by staff that we'll be expanding this feature across the state rapidly.  We really like the ability to add customized meals, purchases, tracks of learning with varied and personalized prices.  Being able to have fees collected online, paid to our University and redistributed to counties allows our 4-H staff to focus more on the programming and less on the logistics of how to manage registrations and fiscal reports.

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Rob Griffin

Rob Griffin, Utah State University 4-H Online Specialist

We have been pleased with ZSuite’s service and product. The support team was proactive in determining our needs prior to our launch date and they have been responsive to our inquires since that time.

ZSuite offers an excellent program to manage our 4-H enrollment and event registrations. We especially like the ability to customize features to meet our state’s needs. We have been quite happy with our move to ZSuite.

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Erika Jeffries

Erika Jeffries, University of Idaho   4-H Youth Development IT & Curriculum Specialist

Zingbooks has transformed our way of keeping records. It’s taken what’s been viewed as a mundane chore to something that the youth use. Very rarely do you see youth starting their recordbook on day one but with this tool, they do! It’s easy to use and has helped us move record keeping into the 21st century. Zingbooks provides fantastic, responsive customer service. I highly recommend this program! 

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