client testimonials

When we started ZSoft and began working with 4-H staff around the country, we placed a primary focus on customer support and relationships.  We feel like any software firm can churn out software but wanted our clients to know they had a personal relationship with each and every employee at our company.  These ideals allow us to have open lines of communication with our clients and we feel all of our software, and lives, are better for it.  Yes, our relationship is based on business but we will always strive to work together in an atmosphere of trust and friendship. I can say that meeting the many men and women working tirelessy for the 4-H banner has been a true blessing for all of us.


I am extremely thankful for the testimonials below, as each of them is honest feedback from people that put great trust in our company and I hope are truly glad for taking the leap.

Brent Stephens

President - Zsoft Technologies, Inc.