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Annual enrollment is a step that requires members and parents, to enter all of the necessary data required to join 4-H in their community. Our enrollment system offers an easy-to-use wizard interface that allows for quick registration of each member.

Starting with a full household member listing showing current statuses of all club members and volunteers, we make viewing enrollment needs simple.

Data is entered in a step-by-step manner.  ZSuite allows our users to save their enrollment data at any point in the process, in the event they must leave their computer for any reason. The process can be finalized upon return.

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All enrollment form fields are completely customizable, depending on the requirements our clients. 

Fields can be added/updated/changed in the administration area of ZSuite. All fields in the enrollment process can be made mandatory, if the data is required. Data validation can also be performed on fields, to make sure the data being entered is accurate.

The enrollment waivers section is completely customizable. Our clients can easily add/change/delete waivers as needed. 


Users must complete special consent fields to assure that they consent to each waiver. Clients can create as many waivers as required.

Members can choose a single club or multiple clubs during the enrollment process. They may also choose projects in each club, if desired. 


Multiple enrollments can be completed prior to payment (if enrollment fees apply), so that the user only needs to make a single payment. Online and

in-person payments are acceptable. Once enrollments are completed, administrators are automatically notified and can approve enrollments manually or automatically, base on preference.

If you'd like to see a demo of ZSuite, please contact us and we'll be glad to setup a demo for you.

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