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Enroll in 4-H is the portal

to enroll in 4-H, access Zing Books and Clover Academy.


Florida State fair is the portal for exhibitor registration and to access Florida State Fair Online Record Books.

4-H Shooting Sports college is the portal for volunteers to access the National 4-H Shooting Sports.

San Antonio
stock show & Rodeo is the portal for exhibitor registration for the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo.

our software


ZSuite is software that helps states administer their 4-H program - Account Management, Reporting, Event Management, and Enrollment. 

Not all state 4-H programs are created equal. We have built our system to be flexible. It's easy to create your own fields in ZSuite so that you can capture and track the data that you need.


The Clover Academy allows 4-H programs to track 4-H training completion. Our LMS is fully integrated with ZSuite. States are digitizing 4-H curriculum Our goal is to provide 4-H members a fun, interactive place to learn. In addition, the Clover Academy is home to the

4-H National Shooting Sports

Instructor primer. 

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ZingBooks allows our clients to create an online record book that meets state 4-H requirements and can be easily downloaded for evaluation. This user-friendly system allows members to track items throughout the project year - starting day one. Members can complete record books from any device including mobile. (iOS and Android compatible).

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National 4-H Council

functionality, and then some...

We are a software developer, we work with 4-H programs, developing user-friendly software to help with:

  • Member and Volunteer Enrollment

  • Event Management

  • Record Books

  • Online Training

  • Digital Curriculum

  • Online Payment Integration

  • Email Marketing

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